Hello lovely readers, 

I used to be very good at writing this blog, but this month is not doing the blog justice. I figured that, the longer I am staying home, I have less to tell. I work 40 hours a week, we are only allowed to have 1 person over and it is already lockdown day 36 today. 

I don't think anyone is expecting for life to get better. It is almost February and I do not feel like I achieved anything in the last 6 months. Okay, I have been living in the Netherlands for 6 months, moved to the current place I've been living for the past months and did a lot of fun and cool stuff. Got really annoyed by people (why do neighbours need to scream and play super loud music? I just want to enjoy my time of writing and sleep.) 

Besides not having accomplished what I wanted in 2020 / 2021, the year is still fresh and new. And I am so ready for the summer. And the strange thing is, can we even celebrate the summer? Can I travel again? I do not know. But I am ready to be healthy / travelling / in bars and maybe even hug strangers?? 

(Seriously neighbours? My bed is shaking because of the bass. Pls leave me alone. I want sleep, me is tired. And I have glitters in my eye, because I wanted to look nice for a meeting, and put on some make-up, so I would look less tired. But did not even see the make-up on camera.)

Ps. this page is getting some action!! 43 people and 8 people only last week! Who refeshed this page 22 times in December? I am looking for you!! 

Liebe Grüßen, your Berliner girl. 

Hello lovely readers, 

Around Christmas I received two lottery tickets. And guess who’s rich?! Not me. Both of them were €0.00! My parents always tell me they’re more lucky in love than winning a lottery. I should agree with them, the love of family and friends is more beautiful than €5,- at a lottery ticket. 

I saw my website has more readers. 4 people in total last week. 

It’s already day 27 of lockdown in The Netherlands and probably being extended with another 21. I’ve written down what I did for every day in lockdown. I want to figure out when someone goes crazy because of the lockdown. By “someone” ofcourse I mean myself. 

Oh, I’m getting a email from the German state brb. Okay, we are discouraged as Dutchies to go to any country and Germany is on full lockdown until 31.01.2021 and maybe longer. 

Liebe Grüßen, your Berliner girl. 


Hello lovely readers, 

Okay so this is how my New Year’s Eve went.. don’t expect to much because that’s exactly what I did. Ans also do not expect "New year, new me." No, you are not a new person because the date changed. I arrived in my PJ’s at my parents place, brought some snacks, some of would say many snacks. The way to my parents was very relaxed since lighting fireworks is illegal this year. (While writing this, I only hear fireworks.. not a second of silence) 

We had a lovely dinner of carrots, potatoes and fish. How about healthy for the new year?! Walked around town with my mom. While walking I tried to photograph and it took us 20 minutes more since I wanted to photograph a fur bunny tied to a lantern. We watched some concerts, I got more and more tired. And then it was there; the big 00:00. It was finally 2021. And five minutes later I was laying in bed while listening to fireworks. 

Being sick and tired is not a good start of the year. But it is a start. A start of a healthier life. A life where I didn’t smoke and drink for months. A year to focus on me and my needs. 

I wish you all; a great year. A healthy world (and healthy you) and I hope you become everything you wished for. 

Liebe Grüßen, your Berliner girl.