Hello lovely readers,


How is your day? Mine has been good! A little blast from the past: currently listening to "Avril Lavigne - Complicated". 


As my mind is always chaotic and going crazy for change… I got a new project! Every week I am changing every item in my room. Busy bee you would say, right? I won’t stop until my mind let’s me sleep at night. Which is very difficult, especially when you lost an item and you are sure it was in the place you though, but oops. You moved it 20 times in one year. 


Since day one I am annoyed by the yellow wall in my room. I have been looking at it since July. It is time that I do something about the wall. 

It is dirty yellow, like pee yellow. I wanted to paint it black but the agency did not agree. Bummer! So, I put a closet in front of it and bought loads of Christmas items a few months back. But as it is February, Christmas is far gone. Even for me, and so are the decorations. I adore Christmas, I do not mind Christmas decorations all year. But I do mind the yellow wall. The agency and I agreed on a pastel color, blue, green, orange, pink, basically every pastel color except for yellow. 

I do not know what it is, when I was younger I loved the color yellow. I even had a yellow room. Maybe I got influenced by the feeling of not liking yellow. 


Yesterday I went to BAUHAUS at Bismarckstrasse. I thought it would be easy if it was close to home. It is only two U-bahn stations. I decided I need about 10 liters of paint for one wall. Nope, I did not, I only needed 5. I bought all the items I needed and it cost me a lot of money, but it is okay. When I got home all sweaty and tired, I put plastic on my wooden floor to start painting the yellow wall. I only painted half of the wall in height, I couldn’t reach the top, the wall is about 3m high and I am half of that. After hours and hours of painting and being super focused, my wall turned from pee yellow to baby pink. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl