Hello lovely readers,


How is the weather treating you? It started to snow and it wasn’t the fall-melt-gone snow, no it was actually freezing! Recently I started my Youtube-channel and creating videos. It took me hours and hours to figure out how to edit and to edit the videos. I uploaded a few videos of random pictures in Berlin / Magdeburg / Rotterdam / Soest.


A few weeks back I had a holiday for a week. I walked around in Soest, since I have been living here for a while but did not find out the hidden spots yet. I found an amazing tunnel with some graffiti. Who would have thought to find that in a village like this! I was happily surprised to see “street art” that said anything other than “beer”.


Okay, back to the snow. I went for a walk today. I took my camera and my phone to make videos. I do not have one of those expensive “vlog-cameras” but maybe in the future. Maybe someday I will be a “vlogger”. I don’t think so, but the miracles didn’t leave this world yet. While you are reading this piece… Check out “Machine Gun Kelly – concert for aliens”. I like this song very much!


I walked around filming; people looked strangely at me. I was talking to myself with a legit reason; film! My hands turned blue and the field were frozen. I found some humps of snow and my shoe got stuck, wet feet! And maybe for the future; buy some boots. Snow and sneakers, don’t go well together.


If you want to see my video; go to Berlijnsemeid at It took me hours and hours to edit, this might be because my laptop is six years old and I do not own any editing programs, so I used Windows Video Editor. I hope that I can buy a good PC in the future, but I need to get some savings for this.


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl