Hello lovely readers,


It is March 2019 and I am enjoying my life in Berlin.

Berlin, the most crowded place in the city? You tell me! I guess Alexanderplatz.


What should you most definitely do? Yup, buy a damn train ticket. Did not do that for a month. I decided that some excitement in my life would be good. I mean, what if your is actually okay? You should do something to shake things up right? Otherwise there won’t be chaos in your head. I like chaos, okay that is not true. I like to look back at chaos and enjoy the times of craziness.

I figured if you got caught once a month it is cheaper than buying tickets.  A month pass is about 80/85 euros and getting caught, if you get caught once…, is 60 euros. I’M SORRY BVG!!


Well, I can tell you, I’m a chicken. Standing here, shaking on my feet. Feeling like a badass because for once I did something against the law. Something you should not do, but everyone does it. The guy from BVG (who wears casual clothes so people won’t see they are from BVG) was one meter away. I got scared. Can they like sense when people are scared. Like when you need to get drugs over the border and you are at the airport? I am not sure.


* Think straight. Just do it. Keep your mind clear. * Sitting, here looking around I actually wanted to grab my non-working ticket and give it to the BVG guy. The doors of the Ubahn opened up and I saw people walking in. This was my chance! I needed to jump out of the Ubahn, as fast as possible. But I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t acting like everything is okay. I walked out and just acted like nothing was wrong. Who thought I could be such an actress? I walked a few meters down the platform and waited until the Ubahn left. After that I waited for 6 minutes for the next to arrive. The next trip was crucial! I was in for two stations and I saw the same guy from BVG. How was this even possible? I got checked, I sweated like crazy. I was afraid, I am not the person who does not follow rules. But what was I scared for? What was the reason? Maybe be for being pulled out of the Ubahn and have the shame of not paying the ticket? But, the BVG guy did not even look at my card. I was save, almost got a heart attack. But, hey! SAVE!


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl