Hello lovely readers!

Haven’t we heard it all, by now? Since a while there is the Corona Virus. And it is everywhere with everyone. The virus, our lives… Let me tell you something, while writing this and having How I Met Your Mother on the background, I am moving to (you can guess...) Richard Wagner Platz. Okay, okay... it’s temporary. Due to the virus, I cannot enter the building of my “new” place.

Okay here is the story. I told you that I needed to move out of the place at Kaiserdamm. The same day I was so freaked out, I clicked on the first place I found and just paid. I was supposed to go to Spandau, in a student place with 10 rooms. So, I’ve had a new house for about two weeks and I’ve never put a foot inside. Isn’t my life lovely? The agency called me to ask if I still wanted to move. Of course, I did, I was being kicked out on my current one. The agency found me a place at Richard-Wagner-Platz. I am heading there now!

This blog post is dedicated to photographing and me moving. Since we are not allowed to go outside as often, I’m also not able to photograph anymore. And that’s one thing I really miss. As I said before: it’s really hard to stay inside if you’re used to be outside all the time! Of course, even I can stay inside when I don’t feel well or on a rainy day, but not for such a long time. Holiday means traveling and traveling means photographing.

Today is the last day of moving and I need to return my keys. It’s strange to be in an almost empty room and start over somewhere else. After this I won’t have a reason to travel, because of home office. Let’s see how this is going to work out and how long it’s going to be like this.

Have a lovely weekend!

Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl