Hello lovely readers,


It did not take long, but after painting my wall in February, I found a new room with a colored wall! 

Okay, it has Gucci wallpaper, which is definitely not my taste, such as the glitters printed in the white wallpaper.


Let me explain! I found a new room in the same apartment, how lucky! 

This room is almost double the size, which is awesome. And it has a balcony! Imagine how much fun I could have there during summer! Last week I found a double bed on the Facebook page “free your stuff Berlin”. A girl got in a fight with her flat mate / friend, for leaving for Italy without her. 

So, she got rid of her bed including a new matrass. The bed was also brand-new. And I got lucky!

Together with my flat mate we thought we could carry the bed. We got the bed four floors down. 

Strong independent women, you know. Okay it was really heavy. Good to mention: the house to pick the bed up is about 1,5 to 2 km from our house. 

Being the geniuses we are, we put the bed on two shopping carts. A bit difficult with traffic lights but we managed. After that the front door got stuck and we needed to lift the bed up another four stairs. 

 I got my perfectly amazing bed and decided I would never sleep in a single bed again.


I got the keys of the new room and cleaned everything. Put on some loud music and smoked some cigarettes on the balcony. Later I picked up a bottle of wine and enjoyed myself. 

Happy as I could be I ran into a Kurdish family with my flat mate. They were refugees from a war, I gave them my single bed since I did not use it anymore and it was in a great shape. 

Okay, to be honest it was not exactly my bed. It was from the agency. I must say, they were at the least, not very happy about this. But I was, because I did a good deed and it felt good!


My “old room” is empty and I am leaving a lot of memories, but I will keep them in my heart. Oj, I sound so sentimental about this room. It is all about the pink wall. 

My first time living on my own. Finding mouse poop in the house and living with 4 guys who eat so much pizza, it is almost a factory here. I will live in another room, but I will not lose the guys and I gained a girl flat mate!


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl  

Hello lovely readers,


In April 2018 I went to Berlin for the first time. There were some places in Berlin I wanted to visit again. The hotel I stayed in, the park next to Brandenburger Tor and Sony Center. 

Which I did in April this year.

Sony Center has a glass roof which is projected with different colors of light. 

Next to a fountain, the center contains a mix of shops, restaurants, offices, the museum of Film and Television and a cinema! When there are big games, for example the championships of European / World soccer, it is shown on a big screen in Sony Center.


Sony Center is close to Potsdamerplatz and can be reached by foot from station Potsdamerplatz. Close to Sony Center you will also find Mall of Berlin, Deutsche Bahn central offices and several hotels. 

You will also find the Kollhoff Tower. This panorama point has the fastest elevator in Europe. Worth to check out! In 20 seconds, you're 100 meters above Potsdamer Platz.


If you want to visit Sony Center: Potsdamer Straße 4, 10785 Berlin, Germany


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl