Hello lovely readers!


I moved to my new place and let me tell you, I am never going to move by public transport again! The horror. But, I must say, it is nice to be in a new place.

My former agency even emailed me that if I wanted, I could stay. But, I already moved in to the new place and when the virus is over in like two months or something, they will kick me out anyways. 


For now, life isn’t changing at all, we’re all constantly in the same place. Two days back I went around the block and walked two bridges far. I felt like accomplishing something, since we are inside all the time. We even need to wait in line if we go to the supermarket. It is a strange world to live in.


Hay fever is strangely bad this year, don’t know why, because I’m only staying in, so far. Must say: I cannot wait until I can travel again. Today I’ll pick up my letters at Kaiserdamm, as every week. So far, my only travel. I feel like being stuck inside, but to be fair, I think the whole world looks at it like that. Except for millionaires in mansions.


Last weekend I bought a course of English Cambridge. Let’s see how it will work out! Maybe at the end of the tunnel there’s me: speaking British!


I hope you are all healthy, my readers!


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl