Hello lovely readers,


Last weekend I went to Mauerpark (Gleimstraße 55, 10437 Berlin, Germany) with two flat mates. Before going to Mauerpark I bought a bottle of wine and we went to a Späti (kiosk).


When walking to the park you will see different restaurants and a lot of people. Everyone is different, everyone can be their selves. I think that is the beauty of the city. No one cares who you are, you are just a pin and nothing else. There are so many people walking around, they do not even care about you. Sometimes it is nice, not to be look at.


As it was a very hot day, up to 30 degrees Celsius, the park was crowded and it was hard to find a spot in the shadow. My flat mates were looking for beer and I was chilling on my own and smoking some cigarettes. Later on, I was walking around, I found some walls of street art and people actually working with graffiti. Later on, I found back my flat mates and we were hanging out in the sun, watching the people who were doing karaoke.


 At one point we drank enough and we sat closer. At the end of the day, we wanted to do karaoke too. We weren’t in time unfortunately; they were already stopping. When heading back home we saw some artists on drums and we participated by dancing. It was really fun! There was also a basketball field and we all three played basketball with some random people. So much fun!!

After dancing, drinking and playing basketball we found a nice spot to eat some chicken. The day was complete!


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl  

Hello lovely readers,


As I am always being creative, I write too. And not only for this blog with amazing readers. I also tried to write a novel, several times, several years. Maybe it is just awkward when someone reads it. I sent it to several friends, but I am still not sure about it. It is based on my love for novels and romantic movies. I re-wrote this piece and about 5 or 6 pages, for the last year. I think I re-wrote it about 15 times. It is never perfect. But now I am ready to share the intro.


“I do not want ordinary love; I want the type; I will die for your love. Your love is the only love I want, it is the only love I need, the only thing that keeps me breathing. You are the reason, the reason of living, the reason of breaking, the reason of dying.  


Dark hair was falling over Katharina’s shoulders. Green eyes which had only sparkles when she looked at him.  


He is the kind of gorgeous with treacherous clear blue eyes. In the beginning she didn’t see him; she was looking right through him. Sometimes you don’t see someone until you get attached. His words, his cleverness and the way he was a little arrogant. This man knew how he looked and he showed it off. After having conversations for hours and not able to stop, she knew. He was in her mind, constantly. This was the kind of guy she wanted to get stuck with, for quite some time. It worked, but not in the way she wanted it.  


Standing in the bookstore, Katharina was reading one of her favourite books. The bookstore made her always feel safe, it is one of her favourite places and it feels like home. Next to this, she is the girl who enjoys the rain and going to parks, taking her camera anywhere she goes. Katharina’s mind was always somewhere else, to be honest with someone else, Jax. Katharina and Jax have a past, of a few years together. When Katharina met Jax, they had a strong connection. She knew she wanted him, she wanted him by her side, for the rest of her life. They would have the biggest fights and after that they realized they couldn’t live without each other's friendship. The connection wasn’t built on a relationship of lust but a friendship, until Jax kissed Katharina.    


His hand touched her face, his soft pink lips almost touched hers. She bit her lip; she did not know what to do in this situation. She didn’t have herself under control, normally she is not the person who doubts things or catches feelings. He looked deeply in her eyes. He pressed his soft lips on hers. For a few seconds, she was not on this world, she was with him. They were together in their bubble.”


I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I will go back to writing, and see if there’s going to be a book within now and ten years.

Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl