Hello lovely readers,  

25 hours of Berlin, day two. The day started and my voice is having a rought time because of the airco. I left it on during sleeping and now my voice is having a difficult time. I went to U-bahn station (U3) Augsburger strasse, but there was a disruption. The U-bahn did not go into the direction I needed it to, so I walked to Wittenbergplatz in stead.  

When I was walking to Wittenbergplatz a man came up to me “I am here! You can make a photo of me” and he posed with his hands above his head. It was really funny. And what did I miss people coming up to you, just making conversation or something that is not dull. I have been feeling like life with work has been the same, I do the same every week. Sometimes there’s a slight change, but never the change of travelling and going away.  

Since I was looking for a souvenirshop on a Sunday, I took the U2 Ruhleben to Zoologischer garten. Immediately people were looking at me because of my camera. This time I wasn’t only thinking it, someone actually sat next to me, to check if he could open my bag. The city is not all perfection of rainbows and butterflies, I know that and I knew that already. I took a few photo’s and went on to U2 to Pankow and went to Mohrenstrasse 

I wanted to go to Potsdamerplatz but there are still constructions at Potsdamerplatz, so I went to Mohrenstrasse, switched lines and took the U2 to Ruhleben again (!) and found my self at Potsdamerplatz in a few minutes. It was grey, and usually it is full of people, which wasn’t the case this time. I should go back to make more photo’s. I also want to go to Potsdam, to the Dutch Quarter and go to Alt-Marzahn. Other than that, I did everything on my list, which I wanted to do in 25 hours. 

I took bus M41 to go to Hauptbahnhof. Would I be me if I did not take the bus in the wrong direction because I wasn’t paying attention? Oh, yes I was. So I switched at Willy-Brandt-Haus. I got out and I saw police standing in front of a door. Hey, at least I wasn’t going to be robbed! I saw the police men knocking, calling and pushing the doorbell. No one was responding but there was a police bus in front of the building. And then the bus went to Hauptbah hof.  

I did not knew there was a huge tunnel between Potsdamerplatz and Hauptbahnhof. It is called Tiergartentunnel and apparently it took around 10 years to build (1995 – 2006) and the tunnel is 2,4 km. The tunnel goes under the Spree river, Tiergarten and connects the mainstation of Berlin to Potsdamerplatz. I costed nearly 400 million euros.  

When arriving at Berlin Hauptbahnhof I got something to drink and a croissaint for in the train. In total (next to train tickets and the hotel room) I spend 17 euro in two days and it was all for food and drinks. I must admit, if had ordered two cocktails at a restaurant it would have been the same price. My trip to Berlin is over since the train went back to The Netherlands, and I would go through the point of travelling from the previous post in the opposite direction. In about 5 to 6 hours I will be back at home.   

It was refreshening to find my self within a crowd in places I always felt comfortable. Even though, there are some moments that I do not feel comfortable it will always be like coming home when I go to Berlin. Also: 25 hours is way too short, maybe it is because I know so many beautiful spots. And to be honest, there are so many in Berlin, almost anything is beautiful to me. In the next few days I will be busy with uploading my photos and editing a video of the places I have been!   

Thank you for reading & I hope to see you soon!  

Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl 🥨

Hello lovely readers,  

25 hours of Berlin. I want to take you with me on my travel to Berlin.. 

So here are the stages of being on the road for hours:  

  1. You are super tired because you left early but super excited to be on the way.  

  2. There are not many people but you realise how long you still need and soon you’ll realise the quiet hours are over.  

  3. More people on the train and you’ll get annoyed by silver glitter pants and people being too loud.  

  4. Relieved that you’re almost there, but still a bit bored. 

  5. Arrived! 

When you are in public transportation you see and cross a lot of different people. The ones I cannot stand are the ones with a forceful tone and screaming through the phone. You can hear them when listening music. But, hey everyone should mind their own business.  

This morning I woke up around four A.M. and left the house around five. Finally it is there, Berliner girl back in Berlin. It is crazy to think about the fact that it has been 11 months since I have been in Berlin, or even Germany at all. I must say, it felt all normal, like an usual weekend travelling by train. I travelled a lot by Deutsche Bahn in the past and I was lucky to get a ticket for the train without any change of trains.  

After six hours I finally arrived at Berlin Hauptbahnhof. I took the S7 (S-bahn) to Alexanderplatz and people were looking at me strangely because of my camera, or maybe it was me thinking people were looking at me strangely. From Alexanderplatz station I walked to the TV-tower and after I walked to the church close by and the Dom Cathedral. It is also the first time photographing in a city and not just flowers and cows... I am having a hard time getting the photo’s I had in mind, but I’ll get there.  

On the streets you see signs to wear a mask, but I do not see anyone wearing it outside on the streets. After walking around the Cathedral I went to Brandenburger Tor. I saw a car from Mate, Red Bull and Cutaleya! After walking around and sitting on a bench at Brandenburger Tor, I walked to the bus and I took bus 100 (S+U Zoologischer Garten), which brought me to Schillestrasse, close to the hotel I booked for the night. It was raining a bit and a lot of grey clouds. When I arrived at the hotel I already took 9000 steps!   

After I unpacked my clothes (remember, only travelling with one bag), I went to the grocery store which is about 300 meters from the hotel. It is a Netto-city. I got my breakfeast for tomorrow morning, since the hotel is charging 17 euros for breakfast. Rather spend that on something useless by my choice. I bought pomm bears chips, cola, bread and cheese. The Dutch girl in me isn’t going anywhere. Good thing! I have airco here, maybe I’ll sleep a full night for the first time in three weeks.  

After I came back I took a shower from hell. I took 75 seconds to get the water a tiny bit hotter and then it suddenly was freezing cold and 75 seconds later I was burning away from the heat. Other than that, it is a nice hotel, but it advertised to be close to Kurfurstendamm, so my silly head thought to be at Kurfurstendamm for 42 euros a night. It is about 5 minutes walking to Kurfurstendamm so I am still close to Kurfurstendamm and Europaplatz. When I lived in Berlin, I spend a lot of time at Europaplatz, it is a great street to shop but this time I did not have any time (and energy) to shop. Maybe, if there is a "I love Berlin" store (or any other souvernir shop), which is open on a Sunday, I'll score a T-shirt or something.    

In the evening I layed down on the bed for about an hour. (I was super tired! And so were my feet,) After laying down and not being to take a powernap, I walked to Wittenbergplatz and took the U2 Ruhleben to go back to Kaiserdamm where I used to live. I found out my Kaiserdamm U2 entrance is closed now. Things do change when you’re gone. It is weird to realise that so much changed in just 11 months. Well, something that has not changed (if I must believe the information online) is that you're still not able to go straight to Potsdamer Platz by U2. You need to transfer at the next stop and take U2 in the other direction to end up in Potsdamer Platz. 

I walked up to Messe-Nord and took S41 to Westend, which is only one station. I photographed some colorful doors and went on to bus M45. How great is it that I can just step into a bus and see where I want to go out? I went to Ruhleben station, the start of U2. I was photographing at the station and at that moment the U-bahn arrived (U2 Pankow). When I was sitting inside the U-bahn a conductor came up to me that I should not photograph at the platform, it is not allowed, (Isn;t it public?) I should ask her permission for doing photographing. She thought I took a photo of her! I asked her to speak English but she wouldn’t, so I continued in German. She wanted to see the photo, which I showed and she was not in it. (Or was she...? No joking! She was not!) She walked off mad. I did not know this was a thing in Berlin? That people actually get mad and do not ask politely if they can see the photo since they think, they are in it? Or maybe she was just an example. After a few stops I arrived at Wittenbergplatz again and walked back to the hotel. I even saw a hummer limousine! Today I finished off with 15000 steps.  

Have a good night, readers!  

Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl 🥨

Hello lovely readers,  

How has your week been so far? My week has been great until now. I ordered a few extra cupboards and a clothing rack and it all fits into my mini apartment! When I walk into the living room, it actually feels like a living room. That home-y feeling. And... I finally bought a coffee table! My mini apartment feels so comfortable, I actually do not want to interact with anyone and just stay at home with hot chocolate and a bunch of snow on a cold winter night. But that is not possible since it's hot outside.   

An update about my hair: I’m blonde. Okay, blonde is doubtful, we might need to name it yellow. I bleached it twice last week and put some virgin snow in my hair. It worked better as expected, virgin snow took out the last bit of orange in my hair and some parts are even white! Okay, not virgin snow white, it has a touch of blue. I am not going to put any toner, purple shampoo or bleach in my hair for a while.  

If you want to listen to a great song: “The Pretty Reckless – Only Love Can Save Me”. This song actually came out today. I think it is great that The Pretty Reckless keeps on moving but records the same type of songs I also listened to when I was about 16. It is crazy to think I have been listening to this band for 11 years. I even started listening to Metallica, Black Veil Brides and Tokio Hotel, at the age of 13. I still remember having YouTube and it was all so new. Back then I only had YouTube for music.  

Once again, I am looking into getting a new company for my domain and I want my blog and photography website in one and a website that can load fast enough so people do not click away when it’s loading for five minutes.   

For now, I am back at writing by laptop. Nothing wrong with my PC, just wanted to check if my laptop still works because Berliner girl is going back to Berlin for the weekend!! Germany is a "yellow" country again, this means you are allowed to travel when you are from The Netherlands. I wanted to take my chance since I’ve learned in the past that countries close up as soon as they opened. I booked an appointment to get a COVID-19 test and it was stressful. I kept thinking "What if I spend a few hundred euro's and it will be positive?". It did not, it is totally safe. The train leaves early in the morning this Saturday (or is it still night?) and I am going to leave without a suitcase. I will stay one day and Sunday afternoon I will be headed back home, since I need to work on Monday. My first time travelling without a suitcase and without packing too much stuff.   

Obviously I wouldn't be me, if I didn't already plan all the steps I am taking. The only thing I did not figure out... food! Will I go cheap and have dinner from Edeka in my hotelroom. Or am I going to a fancy place mid-Berlin? I do not even know if it allowed to eat inside of a diner / restaurant. i must say that travelling alone is amazing, the only thing I do not like is eating dinner alone. That's my only burden. I am very interested to see how things will go and how fun it will be in the train for 12 hours in two days. It probably won't be any fun. I probably feel like falling apart on Monday morning, but I am still very excited about it. It has been a while since I did something like randomly booking a trainticket and go. Okay, this time wasn't random, since I needed to figure out so much about travelling outside of The Netherlands... But most importantly.. How is Berlin going to be after 11 months?? And why is it going to rain next Saturday?? The only day in three weeks of heat, and I decide to go back, and there is rain. I hope the weather people aren't correct this time. 

I’ll keep you updated lovely readers,  

Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl 🔅

Hello lovely readers,


It is still June and the weather isn’t keeping me cool in any way. How are you doing and how is the weather at your area? I must say that this daily portion of sweat and driving around in my T-shirt, is doing me good. My skin is a bit more tanned, golden I would say, I feel happier as usual and there is airco at the office. I do not think I would have handled it, like I do now, without being able to go the office like last year in the heat.


Last year, yes last year. June 2020 was a very good month. I resigned from my job. Got a new job. Did not even start there, because I was hired in The Netherlands. I finalized my move to The Netherlands and after June 30th I had a week off to get my stuff together. It is weird to think that my dreams come true, but likely as ever... Not in the way I imagined.


This time I have been listening to: “Lana del Rey – High at the beach”. I have been listening this song for years and years because of film I saw once. 🔅


Why do we dream and what do they mean? We store important memories and go over them in our sleep. We throw out the ones which are not important enough, but how is it possible that we dream things we didn’t expect to dream? We go through important memories and feelings and sort out which ones to keep. Our brain processes our emotions. I am wondering why do I sometimes dream things I did not even think about, or at least thought I wasn’t thinking about. Maybe we think about things unconsciously and process these emotions, feelings and thoughts at night?


A significant percentage of the people who appear in our dreams are people we know. Dreams can tell us what we need to know about a subject, or a person maybe, but it also shows our true feelings. They point you towards what you need for growth, expression, the health of your relationships. Dreams show us the way we need to go. There are so many theories I found online. One says we dream for a reason and other theories aren’t that sure that there would be a reason. Maybe someone, someday, will find the true meaning of dreams.


Sometimes you dream about something you really want, but you are afraid and after the dream you take the chance. This is what we call: Déjà vu. Déjà vu is the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before. It is French and translates literally as "already seen". Some people may say it means “already dreamt”. Déjà rêvé, so not Déjà vu is the literal translation of “already dreamt” and is the feeling of having already dreamed something that is currently being experienced. Some might see déjà vu in a paranormal context. It could be a memory and “already seen”. The times we have a Déjà vu decreases while we get older.  


When I would talk about dreams, I only dream about travelling or things that can’t happen. Sometimes you can’t wrap your head around something (is this a weird phrase or is it just me translating it directly to Dutch and not understanding?) … Okay, so can’t wrap my head around having pets while being allergic to animals, owning my own farm, living in Tokyo, being the only person left on the earth or close people dying. I mean how would I be the only person on earth with a farm in the middle of Tokyo. That’s how far my mind goes.   


Last week I subscribed to someone on Twitch for the first time ever. At first, I did not want to do it, because I do not want my name in such a big audience, I am more on the back, lurking, not commenting. I tried to find out how to just subscribe to the person without someone seeing it but could not find it. Sometimes I wonder why I am so weird. For example, today at the office there were like 12 persons chatting with each other, I just do not feel like a people’s person so I just do my job and leave whenever I can. I say good morning, good afternoon etc., but I got really social awkward because of being inside all the time. Before C-19 my idea of fun was drinking in a bar, now it is reading a book or painting. Maybe it has to do with C-19 or maybe it has to do with the fact I am getting older and turning 28 this year! How about that!


Okay lovely readers, I am checking out for now. There is a thunderstorm or at least a load of rain coming, I am very sensitive to weather and feel any changes. Not as sensitive as Karen Smith from Mean girl though, I feel it beforehand.


Enjoy the summer time lovely readers.


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl  💜

Hello lovely readers, 

How has your week been? It’s June already! Time is passing by way too fast. The weather is also really good. Today I could leave early at work, I think everyone is at the beach! 🔅🏖️ At the moment I am vibing on “Jojo - Creature of habit”. My habit is checking social media every second I can, so I decided to take a break from social media for a while. No more Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Tumblr/TikTok/Pinterest for me. Some are easier to leave behind than others. As I told before, I am reading again and it is really good for my mental health. During reading I could not leave my phone, so that is when I decided it is time for break again. The only thing I couldn’t leave behind was YouTube, so I am still watching it, since it is more like tv for me.


Some news and updates: The Netherlands is finally opening up again, but I do not trust it. It is hard for me to understand why we couldn’t have anyone over a few months back, we needed to avoid everyone, the stores and restaurants were closed and now all of the sudden we can do anything we want? It is not that I am not happy with it, it is just hard to process!


At the moment I feel a bit locked up and I am not enjoying much, except for the sunshine and the future of being able to travel again. My dreams involve travelling every other night. A few days back I went out in the evening to photograph for an hour or so, I messed up all the photos. It was a sad moment where I realized I still need to practice photography in the dark. I have been living in The Netherlands for 329 days and in a lockdown for 175 days.


I started a study, again. This time I plan on keeping on going and not tell others about it. Three years back I started with German language studies, Journalism (not my thing!), British English language study (got annoyed by all the effort I needed to put in to get the pronunciation right) and there it was: Communication Manager. I thought about it for a while (months and months in stead of the 5 minutes I usually think about things). And it seemed the right choice since I already studied Communications.


Oh, hey! Talking about being impulsive, remember last time I was so impulsive I could cry? After months and months (okay, two months, actually it was April 23th, why did it feel like a month or three?) with purple and pink hair… I am blonde! Also, not completely true, Half of my hair is blonde and the other half is still brown, soon to be blonde. Let me tell you, the last time I messed up my hair by mixing toner and developer… I told myself, I am never going to be impulsive anymore. I know it is just who I am, I did not take impulsive decisions for now.  


So… I wrote a song which is not a song. It is comparable to some words thrown on a paper. In this case my broken phone. (My phone is getting worse and worse; I have some issues with the camera and my phone got really slow. It could coincidence or maybe the drop of 5 floors. I am not buying a new one until this one will stop…)


To the person who has ever read my blog (not many, I can tell you): Music Thursday will say it. Little introduction: I wrote this when I watched a Christmas movie in May (I also took my magic lyric book from back in the days and combined it). One day I’ll find my part of the perfect two, someone who can watch Christmas movies all year long. Let’s talk about this, because I do not understand… What is wrong with watching Christmas movies all year long? Just do not get it. I never found someone like me, someone who also watches them because they like the movie. I can watch Christmas movies on hot days and on colder ones. Another people of music: “Papa Roach x Jeris Johnson – Last resort Reloaded”. I just love when the right things are mixed up!   


“It’s cold, without you it’s colder. From the stars to the moon? I could be the stars to your moon or would you rather stay where you belong? I’d grab the moon for you, if I could. I’d be the stars and the moon, if I could. The end is near and my nights are sleepless. Rendering like a machine. It never stops and it is never a good idea. I’ll be fine. I’ll be alright. Leaving with empty glasses and broken hearts. When I met you, it opened door for me. It is all a fantasy. All you can remember, is forgotten in hours. You don’t worry. It takes too long. We felt something no one could. Let’s take a step back, it was not you it was me. You wouldn’t be hurt, no feelings at all. Prince of the story, never in the wrong. Just a dream. Waiting, patiently. Thinking, every minute of the day. Crossing my mind whenever I breathe. The stars to the moon, my heart goes boom. I thought I found you, the one. It was not meant to be, not a part of the perfect two. The pain, the laughter and the joy.“


Another fun thing: I bought a hair straightener. I thought it would be fun. Now a days they have these weird buttons on a straightener and you need to push it before the thing opens. You can guess it, mine wasn’t working. I hate putting in effort, for things that could be so much easier. I could’ve sent it back to the store or slam, all the strength I have, out of the stupid thing. I needed to press with my thumbs, it was a small button, I mashed the life out of the straightener and it worked!


Well lovely readers, it was nice talking to you, but my back is hurting like crazy from sitting on this chair for way too long. See you next time!


Have a lovely week you all & liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl