Hello lovely readers,


As this is the first post of my blog, ever, it should be special.

Last April I travelled to Berlin for the first time. I bought a ticket for a trip and went by myself. It was an organized tour and I saw a lot of Berlin.


After hours and hours in the bus, we arrived at IBB Blue Hotel Berlin-Airport (Groß-Berliner Damm 71, 12487 Berlin, Germany). Because I was alone, I got a room with a single bed, but it was fine. I stayed three days and we could go with the tour bus to see some parts of the city. I was amazed how big the city is, how many different people were walking around. Tourist or not. 


For my first night I went to the supermarket at the end of the street because I did not know anyone or the streets, I wanted to see in what kind of neighborhood I ended up. I got myself some bread, candy and a bottle of wine. I do not remember what wine it was, but it was disgusting.


In the next few days, I did a lot of shopping and saw the Dom Cathedral, Brandenburger Tor, Sony center, Alexanderplatz, Zoologischer garten, Europaplatz and some more places. I fell in love with the freedom and the looks of the city. As a hobby photographer, Berlin is perfect. We went back home by bus again.


3 months later I got my papers from school and I got the possibility to move to Berlin. And now we are here, the second last day of July. Tomorrow, the last day of July and my job starts in Berlin. I got a bike from my parents and I am ready to bike through my neighborhood to go to work and meet a lot more people and explore the city.  


The start of something beautiful.


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl