Hello lovely readers,


It has been a while since I have been writing. Currently I am sitting in the park, closest to my home. Last night I wandered around in my “new” neighborhood. I am currently living in Charlottenburg and it feels really safe! It feels like a lot of elderly people live here. I got some supermarkets close and the U-bahn station is right outside of my door.


Yesterday I walked from my home, Kaiserdamm to Messe-Nord S-bahn station. Standing on the bridge I found myself looking in the dark searching for all the light I could find. I saw hundreds of cars beneath me. It was beautiful. Once in a few minutes I saw a S-bahn arrive and leave again. At the right corner I saw the Funkturm (Hammarskjöldplatz, 14055 Berlin, Germany). When the skies turn dark, so does the Funkturm, purple, pink, blue and many other colors. The Funkturm changes by color.


The Berlin Radio Tower (Funkturm) is a former broadcasting tower. As it is not used anymore the tower is a protected monument. It is built as one large steel framework construction, such as the Eiffel tower in Paris.


Same as with the TV-tower (fernsehturm) it is possible to buy a ticket and get the panoramic view over the city. It seems to be the best view in Berlin, after the Tv-Tower. The radio tower has a 126 meters observation deck. I have not been inside I was already mesmerized by the outside of the tower. Someday I will also buy a ticket for the radio tower.

As I was telling, I am sitting in the park, my favorite one so far. Lietzensee Park (Wundtstraße 40, 14057 Berlin, Germany). It is on a walking distance from my new home. There are swans and ducks in the water and sometimes I see a butterfly or two. While sitting on the grass field I am watching people and it amazing. Everyone is doing their thing, like no one is watching. As they say: Dance like no one is watching. Berliners take that very seriously. Maybe I should to, because I am a Berliner now? 


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl