Hello lovely readers,


Berliner girl from The Netherlands. How strange can life be? I found a place to live in The Netherlands, in Soest, close to my parents. And I could move in on 1 st of August. 

Time is going by so fast. I moved to The Netherlands, left everything behind. I went back to give the keys to the agency. 

Got a job here in The Netherlands. Stayed at my parents for three weeks and now I have my own place!


It is so weird, how fast everything went. I am happy that I got so lucky to find a room here. I also looked for a room in Utrecht, I wanted to live in the city, but I decided not to do it. 

The room was 12m2 and the owner asked 600 euros a month. Which was within my budget but it is a bit much for 12m2. 

And I am sensitive to sound, so living next to a metro line wasn’t the best idea ever.


Since I did not have anything except for two suitcases and my tv with me, I needed to buy everything again. 

One day it will feel like home, with all the items standing here.


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl