Hello lovely readers,


Hello from Greece. The weather is amazing, there is a great pool but some things went a bit wrong. I’m afraid of being in a plane. Forgot medication for that. I am seasick, we needed to go by boat to another island. Because of a “little” storm it took 45 minutes instead of 20. 

And after that we needed to go by bus for almost an hour. After that we needed to carry our luggage up because there is no elevator. 

I puked and I was fine. It was all worth it, because who does not want to be at a beautiful island as Skopelos? It is magical!


The neighbors are a little loud, screaming at each other and even throwing things into the wall. But now we are off to the good things: 

There was no electricity for an evening. That does not happen often. We could see all the lights of the island slowly go off. Dangerous, but beautiful. We took the bus to Glossa and travelled around.

We found some beautiful spots and even participated a Mamma Mia tour, without watching the entire movie. 


We walked a lot this holiday, I got stuck on a hill and spotted some people on the beach. We also stayed some time at the pool next to the hotel, got some super expensive cocktails and sandwiches. We also went to the supermarket around the corner. Woosh, super expensive! The restaurant at the other corner was really good and also cheap! Just need to know to find the right places. We also found out that there a lot of stray cats and some of them do not survive.


Waiting for thetransfer to pick us up to go to the port and go on the ferry. Another fun fact! They did not show up. We were lucky enough to find a local who brought us to the port, just in time. The ferry arrived the same time we did.


It was a fun holiday but also a lot has happened. Next time this will not happen and we learned a lot from this! Cannot wait until I am home with a comfortable bed, but I am going to miss the sun deeply!


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl