Lovely readers!

How are we all doing? I want to start off by telling you, I got ghosted again. Is 2020 the year of Karma for me? Someone is clearly testing me.

It is fall and the time is set back for an hour. Just realize it is almost December and this year is almost over. How amazing would new years evening be? I am thinking about my goals in 2021.

I have three goals:

  1. Be happy
  2. Go to school to study English
  3. Visit Berlin again

What about your goals?

I already bought some notebooks and colourful pens to start diving into my other English course. I think I quit German. It took me a week, maybe I will go on at a later moment in life.

I wish you all a happy Sonntag!

Liebe Grüßen, your Berliner girl. 


Dear lovely readers,

Girl got to have some rules, right? But how do you decide where to go and what the rules are? Maybe we will expand our rules by time, or maybe not. Lately I am a bit lost with rules and what I should do or should not have done. I know this sounds ridiculous. Sometimes I will have these small episodes of “What the fuck are you doing with your life”.

There is always a way out, it is not always the way we figured we would walk, but we will get there! You understand I am talking some sense into myself, because sometimes I do not know what is going on in my life. Me and my friend are talking about writing a book, because the stories in my life are that good! #foreversingle

Update one: I have been studying German for four days now. Someday I will understand German, as I do with English, I promise, myself.

Update 2: I do not even know why I am writing this piece, who am I writing it for? Future me? Present me? I have no clue. I am lucky no one is reading this, otherwise I would… never mind.

Okay I got 199 visitors on my website, it is almost time for a party!

Liebe Grüßen, your Berliner girl. 

Hello there, lovely readers!

Here she is, the girl who got ghosted for over 36 hours… for the first time in her life! My friend told me it is karma because it is usually the other way around. Does karma work that way? To hurt people?

But there is some GOOD news! I got a second “new” start in the Netherlands.  

I wanted to write this lovely piece about how I am missing Berlin. But I am too lazy for that, we all know by now, that I miss Berlin and Germany. Today the only thing I did… was in German, everything was in German. Well, when I was in Germany, I would not have done that, the language was driving me crazy. But let me explain it to you, I dreamt that I ended up in Germany and I needed to learn German. I got this crazy vibe to learn German.  

Danke und bis später! Schönes wochenende! 

Liebe Grüßen, your Berliner girl. 

Hello lovely readers,

It is me again, the girl with the lights on remote. Since I am still figuring out the whole school issue, and all the debt, and how I can manage to do it, I am looking into all sorts of entertainment. 

Another subject: Dating and Corona. Is it okay to date while Corona is going on? Or do we single people need to wait for months and months or maybe even years? I saw an article in the news that we can date if we want, but we need to keep it to one partner.

March next year, we will be home for a year. At least I will. I did not work in the office since February. That is 8 full months. I can hardly believe that my “Corona-time” started in Berlin in my room at Kaiserdamm with all my friends, led me to Richard-Wagner-Platz and took me to Soest in The Netherlands, to my family.

I miss every bit of Berlin. I already learned so much in The Netherlands, I also learned things I did not want to learn. I learned about people. People and their mistakes. I still remember the time I wanted to travel to England, France, Germany, and The Netherlands in one week, just before Christmas. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, I need to “in de koelkast zetten" (put it in the fridge) as we Dutch say.

Well, let us keep the windows closed and heater on. Colder but brighter days are coming.

Have a lovely evening und bis später! 

Liebe Grüßen, your Berliner girl. 

Hello lovely readers,

Can I get a round of applause? I got ghosted by a man and figured out my future and how to create over 60.000 euros dept for myself. No, I am not joking, I am seeing a bright future in front of me. The bright thing I am seeing, could also be my tv, but no one is complaining.

I know life is not always easy, it is mostly hard. I see my life as the pink rose, I have on my wall, hanging upside down. What a metaphor! I figured out that broken dreams, do not mean that I am fully broken. It means that with every decision I take, I open a new door. If I make decision one, a left door will open, if I make decision two, it is still my decision and my life.

Who would ever think that I would be so spiritual? No, I am not. I want to read this back when I am older, maybe not wiser. And again, I am going all over the place. It is so hard to stay focused on one subject. I hope faith is with me, for a nice job and a great future.

Ps. We all forgot to celebrate that I moved to the Netherlands 3 months back!! Wow how crazy. Can not believe I left my second home, three months back already. All the things that have happened in between.. Sometimes I just do not understand, why my live is so surreal and there is so much happening. 16 year old Cindy would have been proud of me. I hope you are too.

Liebe Grüßen, your Berliner girl. 

Hello lovely readers,

As if for today, it is raining, and I cleaned my apartment. Every raindrop that is falling on my window and every breeze of air, feels like a wish to travel again.

Since today is a miserable day and I pretty much do not have a life; I decided to watch “Emily in Paris”. My wish to travel again is almost fulfilled with this series on Netflix. I want to fall in love, watch the evening lights and speak French. Speaking French? Très difficile.

Cannot wait for the time, when I walk through the Paris streets, eat some macarons, and have a lovely lunch at a Bistro.

Paris est toujours une bonne idée!

Liebe Grüßen, your Berliner girl. 

Hello lovely readers,

Today was a boring Saturday as any other. A boring Saturday morning in the fall. My day started with some German shoplogs online and I was scrolling through my social media.
When I stumbled upon the following. It is a picture from the movie “Mean Girls” Aaron is asking Cady about the date. Cady says October 3rd. And then it hit me, October 3rd..!! LEGALLY BLONDE. Legally Blonde is online. I did my little “I feel like I am 12 again” dance and started watching.

I also started writing again. I started writing about Berlin and my adventures. I never wrote that down, I told my friends, but I never wrote it down. How fun would it be if I would print it and would have it as a book for myself?

I am writing about the first day I arrived in Berlin, how I changed, the people I met, festivals and the parties. This will be one of those projects I like to do for two weeks and I will fail to end, but I can always try!

Keep you updated!

Liebe Grüßen, your Berliner girl. 

Dear lovely readers!

Yay! It is finally October! After finishing up my Christmas village I found out that I feel a lot of happiness in making a mess. Throwing fake snow on the floor feels good and it looks great.

Yesterday I had an ugly cry moment for 20 straight minutes, panic attacks everything. But I got chicken after, so it was all good. I failed a Dutch language test, who am I (?!?!), if I cannot even pass a test that is my own language? I scored 73%, which was probably the highest score I ever had in high school. After re-doing the test, the appointment was cancelled.

Sometimes I stress about things, that I should not stress about. But that is just who I am. I got my ways to get my cool back. Usually it takes a while and I just should be alone going through the moment. That is exactly what I did, just breathe, scream and cry as loud as I could. It also helps to listen to my "I am crying" playlist.   

Okay lovely readers, it is October, it is time for some good old Christmas movies. And guess what?! This weekend LEGALLY BLONDE is finally online!! Been waiting for Elle for ever.

Liebe Grüßen, your Berliner girl.