Hello lovely readers,


Let me take you to Victoria Park Berlin. This is one of the most beautiful parks I have seen in Berlin. For me it was a bit of traveling since it was on the other side of Berlin. The nature is beautiful. There are different paths to walk on and there were a lot of bridges! I even found a waterfall where the water was falling on the rocks.


There were a lot of people, so it is a bit awkward for me to photograph when there are people walking around. I think I should wait a bit and get more of the Berlin mentality, so I will not care so much about others. I found out that the few people I met in Berlin, a more careless and freer as I ever have been.


When I walked back out of the park there was a shopping cart wandering around. I wonder how a shopping cart ends up in a park / forest. People can do weird things. I also found a beautiful building / house next to the park but there were people inside of the building, looking at me. So, obviously I was too scared to make a photo.


If you ever want to go to Victoria Park in Berlin: Kreuzbergstraße 15 10965  Berlin, Germany


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl