Hello lovely readers!


Today I went to the festival of "30 Jahre Mauerfall" with a few friends. This is the festival that celebrates the fall of the Berliner wall 30 years ago. 

The organization hung up at least 50.000 pieces of paper with the colors blue, pink, yellow etc. All these pieces of paper had a written notice of kind words. 

For example, to stay strong in times you feel like giving up.


Walking under all these pieces of paper, and between all the people, it felt like freedom. Berlin feels like freedom for me.  

At the beginning of the pieces of paper there was a lot of light and the farther you walk it gets darker. 

For me it symbolized as a tunnel, getting through the dark to the light. At the end of the tunnel, you see Brandenburger Tor where all the people find their own way.


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl  

Hello lovely readers,


The Hamburg story continues… I walked a bit and walked from An Der Alster, over the Kennedybrucke to Jungfernstieg. From there you can go to the shopping center Europa passage. I walked to Alster Arkaden and took some great black and white pictures.


After shopping and having lunch at McDonalds I went to Reeperbahn. I read that this is a street of strip clubs and I could feel it a bit. It was great to see but I felt looked at, walking around alone. I saw some signs next to the U-bahn station that you are not allowed to carry guns / knives / drugs etc. I never saw a sign like that before.


After being at Reeperbahn and walking around a bit, I decided I wanted to go to a zoo or something to take same photos. I went to U-bahn U2 to Hagenbeck tierpark without any reason. I went to Edeka to get some food and I was really cold. When I arrived at the Tierpark I suddenly did not feel good enough to be around people. I walked to a small park, Bolzplatz. After being in the park for a while it was way too cold to stay there.


I decided that instead of leaving at 12 AM I wanted to leave now, 4 PM. I went back to Hamburg hauptbahnhof. I bought a new train ticket for today, I thought. I was tomorrow at 4 PM. I gave it another try. I bought a ticket to the wrong city. How freaking difficult is it to buy a ticket to Berlin? I gave it another try; third try is a charm, right? Instead of November 6 th, I bought a ticket for November 16 th to Berlin. It had the same time on the train ticket and I was doubting if I should risk it, International trains are no joke.


I took my chance and took the train one hour later. I acted like I was asleep, I must admit it was very stressful, I was tired. Someone came to check the tickets, tried to act like I did not hear the person. They “woke” me up. I am such an actress; I should win awards. She looked at me, asked for my ticket, I gave it to her. With a straight face I was looking at her, while I was so scared. But, what would they do? Kick me out of the train? Put me in jail? Oh no!! Jail! She smiled at me and wished me a good evening. I was lucky!


After a few hours I finally made it out to Berlin Hauptbahnhof. I sticked the train tickets to my wall. This was the best and the worst trip. All I do know? Karma is with me. 


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl  

Hello lovely readers!

I am back with the travel stories. Just when I thought Magdeburg stole my heart I went to Hamburg, and I can tell you: that I’m not sure if there is anything more beautiful Hamburg! I will be in Hamburg for the day and definitely going to enjoy it, because it just looks awesome. My photography heart is beating like crazy!


Even the Swans are nice and posing for a picture! Okay, I was probably just lucky. I was walking around at An Der Alster and saw two beautiful Swans. I was trying to capture them, but it was not working as I wanted because of having trees in my sight. At the middle when there was nothing in my sight.. The swans stopped and I could take great pictures. I thanked them for posing. I literally said "thank you" in German.


This year is the year that I take action. I wanted to visit An Der Alster for such a long time. When I was younger, I dreamt of staying there in a tent. It was different as expected, maybe even better. The plan was to stay all day in Hamburg. Such a big city and so much to explore. I bought two tickets without destination. I wanted to go to Magdeburg too tomorrow, but figured out very soon that would be too much.


Going to city center was amazing. It started to rain, but other than that it was good. I tried to pee at one of those disgusting city cabins. Did not work. You know what also did not work? Google maps. It just blocked out in a time I needed it. Once again, I just bought a ticket and did not look into anything.

Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl