Hello lovely readers,


It is the cozy winter season and it is December. So, that means Christmas! This year I will be going back home to The Netherlands, but that does not mean I cannot visit a Christmas market or as the German say: Weihnachtsmarkt. I visted the Christmas market at Zoologischer garten and I went to the Christmas market at Alexanderplatz.


As Alexanderplatz is always crowded, it was even more now around Christmas. The weeks before

Christmas a lot of tourists visit Berlin to catch the Christmas feeling, which is definitely there. You will find stands for Bradwurst and Gluhwein, but also stands who sell cookies or sugar. 

For example the big hearts with a nice text on it. 

And one of my favorites are the smalls stands with limited edition Christmas articles such as Christmas decoration, where you really need to mind yourself because if you fall, you

trash half of the store.   

And as the cherry on the cake: Alexanderplatz has a ferris wheel during Christmas. 


If you want to visit the Christmas market: U-bahn / S-Bahn Zoologischer Garten: Hardenbergplatz 2 – 14, 10623 Berlin, Germany


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl 

Hello lovely readers,


I went to Teufelsberg with a friend. Teufelsberg means the Devil’s mountain. If you want to get to Teufelberg, the closest S-bahn station is Heerstrasse and from that it is a 2km walk through the woods, to get by the top of the mountain. And please follow the road in the woods otherwise you will be jumping over tree trunks and walk around for an hour maybe two.


We bought a ticket online and we thought it was going to be a tour, but you buy the ticket and can walk around. The towers with round tops were used as a listening station, if you are lucky, you would be able to visit the towers as well. When we were at Teufelsberg it was not possible and there was a fine up to 500.000 euros if we crossed the line. Since I do not have half a million euros laying around… We decided to not do anything.


The street art is amazing and there is a lot to see from different artist. If you are into photography / street art or just art, this is your place to be!  


If you want to visit Teufelsberg: Teufelsseechaussee 10, 14193 Berlin, Germany


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl  

Hello lovely readers,


I went to the zoo at Zoologischer garten. It is a big zoo with a lot to see. There is an outside area but also an inside area to see Monkeys and one to see Giraffes (Sometimes... only when the weather is bad, they are inside.) there is an aquarium and there is a place to see Rhino’s, last but not least they also have reptiles inside. Of course, there is also a lot to see in the park itself: for example my favorite animals, Penguins.


Zoo’s always give a dubious feeling. I go there to photograph, get a photo to show the best of the animal. Photography is my passion after all. But it is sad to see the animals in cages and so many people looking at them like they are a toy. There are also Panda’s, do not get me wrong, they look adorable. When the panda moves its arm to the left people are clapping like crazy. Why are people like this?   


I did buy a panda coin! There was a machine and when you put 2 euros and 5 cents in the machine, you needed to grab the handle and push it around. After pushing the handle for about three rounds, you will have your 5-cent coin turned into a flat coin with an adorable panda on it.


I saw a white wolf, some beautiful fishes, turtles, snakes and many more!


If you want to visit the zoo at Zoologischer garten: Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin, Germany


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl  

Hello lovely readers,

I went to Treptowerpark and saw the molecule-man in the river. The molecule man shows three silhouettes of a human, looking at each other. 

The molecule man is placed in the Spree river and all made of aluminium! Next Elsenbrucke and the S-bahn Treptowerpark, I found the molecule-man on accident. 

I went to Treptower park for the beautiful street art.

Unfortunately, one of the streets was closed off so I could not see all the street art I wanted, but in stead I crossed the ElsenBrucke and found the molecule-man and other streetart. 

I walked the whole road until I ended up in someone’s garden. I walked through the streets connected to the Spree river and found some beautiful houses and realistic streetart painted on wooden walls.

I also saw some beautiful boats in the water. It was a beautiful day until it was around 17 PM and it started to rain. 

Rain in December is a bit colder when it is also windy and you are next to the water.

If you want to visit Treptowerpark / the Moleculeman: An den Treptowers 1, 12435 Berlin, Germany / S-bahn Treptowerpark

It was a beautiful day! 

Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl