Hello lovely readers!


It is the most magical and wonderful time of the year, winter! Winter means Christmas time! And we all know what that means, here in Germany: Christmas markets! Walking around at the Christmas Market in Germany is the ultimate Christmas feeling. I can remember going to Essen in Germany for Christmas Markets when I was young. I enjoyed that a lot and my love for Germany was born since I was about 13 years old.  


The sky was beautiful blue and the lights at Zoologischer Garten were sparkling bright. I always have been the sitting-in-the-dark-with-candles type of girl; Christmas is even more magical for me.

To be honest: when you age, the magical spirit is getting less. But, for me, it is still magical and has a lot of spirit. I would love to keep this feeling through the year. I could start with Christmas in March again.


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl 

Hello lovely readers,


My first "Sylvester" (New Years Eve) in Berlin. First time away from home. Yes, it was a crazy night, very much expected. This year I stayed in Charlottenburg, thinking it would be calm. Nothing was less true. Fireworks started around 23:30 and did not stop until 4 in the morning. It was crazy but it was so beautiful. It kind of looked like a war zone, a beautiful one with colours!


Whenever there are fireworks, I am kind of scared but it is so beautiful to watch. All the effort, all the colours, it was amazing. This year I wasn't that scared, watching from a distance is saver as lighting the fireworks by yourself.


Let's hope that 2020 is going to be as amazing and colourful as the fireworks we just saw!


Liebe Grüßen!

Your Berliner girl